Panther Modern is a file-based exhibition space,
encouraging artists to create site-specific installations for the internet.

Founded 2013


Each project shown at Panther is given a unique structure in the format of a 3D model file, which built to engage the artist and their process of making. Given the variety of methods available to produce works in virtual space, the artist is able to choose the format in which they will share their installations. Completed rooms are added to the existing architecture, allowing the shape of Panther Modern to change with each project.

Panther is a saunter, a slow walk through time and the story of art. We do not have a regular release calendar, but we hope you'll join us for new projects as they happen.

Curated by LaTurbo Avedon

Installations by:

Room One: Oliver Haidutschek

Room Two: Eva Papamargariti

Room Three: Emilie Gervais

Room Four: Alfredo Salazar Caro

Room Five: Carolyn Frischling

Room Six: V5MT

Room Seven: Pussykrew

Room Eight: Kim Laughton

Room Nine: Mark Dorf

Room Ten: MSHR - Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper

Room Eleven: Vince Mckelvie

Room Twelve: Morehshin Allahyari and Andrew Blanton

Room Thirteen: Claudia Hart

Room Fourteen: Jonathan Monaghan

Room Fifteen: Katie Torn

Room Sixteen: Angela Washko



Panther Modern and its installations have been highlighted by The Creators Project, Wired, Thvndermag, BOOOOOOOM, Al Jazeera International, and Kill Screen amongst others.

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Panther Modern does not have any marketplace activity. The only official channels for the space beyond this website are listed below:






Room Eleven: Vince Mckelvie